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Elastic Document Models

This kind of model was created to use Index as table. For using this feature, you must extend your class to \Baka\Elasticsearch\Objects\Documents.

This class have these methods:

  • initialize
  • setData
  • structure

Method initialize#

Following the same patterns as Phalcon models, on initialize, we set up the relationships (nested fields) this document has in order for the query params to work.

public function initialize(): void
$this->addRelation('authors', ['alias' => 'authors', 'elasticAlias' => 'author', 'elasticIndex' => 1]);

Method structure#

public function structure() : array
return [
'id' => $this->integer,
'name' => $this->text,
'authors' => [
'id' => $this->integer,
'name' => $this->text,
'address' => [
'street' => $this->text,
'state' => $this->text,
'city' => $this->text

Gists Example#

Create Index#

For creating the index, run the following command

php cli/cli.php elastic createDocuments "Gewaer\ElasticDocuments\Books" 3 1000
  • The first param is the class for model
  • The second is the max depth
  • The third represents max fields in that index

Insert Documents#

In order to insert data to Elastic, you will just need to initialize your Elastic document object, and pass the Phalcon model to the insert data function.

$books = \Gewaer\Models\Books::find('is_deleted = 0');
foreach($books as $book){
$document = new \Gewaer\ElasticModel\Books();

If you want to insert data from CLI, use the following command

php cli/cli.php elastic createDocumentsElastic "Gewaer\Models\Books" "Gewaer\ElasticModel\Books" 3 1000