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Product attributes are the properties that describe a product. They include details that are tangible and intangible, subjective and objective. All of this information enables shoppers to find, compare, and choose products.

Product attributes examples#

Attributes vary but can apply to multiple products and product categories. Here are a few examples:

  • Materials used in construction
  • Design features
  • Lifestyle photographs
  • How-to videos
  • Country of origin


//create a new attribute
$attribute = Attribute::create(

Find a attribute

//find category by id
$attribute = Attribute::getById(3);
$attribute = Attribute::getByUuid('000-000-0000-000');
$attribute = Attribute::getById(4, $user);

Update Attribute

//update category
$attribute = Attribute::getById(4, $user);
$attribute->name = 'name';

Get all Attribute

//get all categories
$attribute = Attribute::getAll($user, $page, $limit);

Add Attribute to a Product

//add product in category
$product = Product::getById(4);
$product->addAttribute($attribute, $value);
//result set of products