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Quickly deploy and enhance your projects with unparalleled ease and efficiency. Our comprehensive control panel puts you in command, streamlining project management across the board.

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Centralized Control Panel:

Manage all your projects under a single roof with our intuitive control panel. Get real-time insights, make adjustments on the fly, and maintain full control over every module and template.

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Gain unparalleled flexibility with our Headless architecture, enabling custom front-end development while maintaining robust back-end functionalities.

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Building Blocks:

Quickly integrate pre-designed modules for common functionalities like social interactions, CRM, and workflow automation, speeding up development time.

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Action Engine:

Automate and connect tasks seamlessly across modules and systems, enhancing efficiency and allowing your team to focus on innovation.

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How it works.

Kanvas Niche is open-source, licensed under the MIT License, featuring a user-friendly admin panel built with React and a robust backend powered by Laravel. Opt for self-hosting to gain full control over your projects, customizing and scaling with complete freedom.


Our Recipes

Discover our prebuilt frontend modules, ready for one-click integration with Kanvas, designed to seamlessly enhance your projects.

These customizable solutions, from marketplace functionalities and e-commerce bundles to social engagement and CRM, offer agencies a quick and efficient way to deploy feature-rich applications.

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